About Niceway

Niceway Chemical established in 2002 with a purpose of exporting and serving Turkish natural and refined boron products to Far East. Owing to the dynamic disposition, knowledge and experience gained over the years , Niceway displays a dominance standing especially in Chinese boron market. As well as the capacity we have in marketing, foreign trade operations, shipment process, we also provide customer satisfaction with technical support about boron products and their usages.

Niceway Chemical is distributor of ETI Mine Works which is widely-known in Chinese and World boron market with its production and investment capacity. Eti Mine Works is designated by parliamentary decree to make the best use of Turkey’s natural resources and to provide the highest benefit to the Turkish economy. True to its original mission, the company has successful mined boron ore that is one of Turkey’s most important mineral resources and has transformed it into high added value boron products to become the leader in the global boron market.

The main points of our company’s mission is to provide high service quality and relationship management. All steps of the operation is accurately pursued by our working team and customers are informed of all process instantly. We are giving high importance to the communication between the customer and our company as a result of being a reliable company. Our Shanghai office with its technically and operationally accoutered team helps the customers to be satisfied of the business. The gravity that we give to our job pushes us to improve ourselves about the innovation in boron sector.